As a residential property owner, you know the importance of meeting the needs of your residents. You also know the importance of renting out your full number of units. This provides you with the largest return on investment possible or your property. Of course, as you invest in more properties, doing everything on your own simply is no longer an option. Should you purchase an apartment or have a large number of homes, there just isn’t enough time in the day to handle this on your own. That is why you need to look for accredited residential Fairfax VA property management companies to assist you with this situation. When looking for the best companies, here are some of the services you need to keep in mind.

Tenant Move In/Out

The accredited residential Fairfax VA property management companies will take care of all the tenant move in and out requirements. This not only includes making sure the unit is ready for them to move in, but they will provide appropriate documentation and paperwork to ensure everything works properly. They will collect keys after a tenant moves out and they will also re-key the locks, so should the former tenant forget to hand in a key (or if they made a copy along the way) the old keys will no longer work. They will also handle security deposits, using it to pay for repairs and do so in the set amount of time as specified by the state of Virginia.


Maintenance will play an important role in taking care of your property. This includes having an in-house maintenance crew. This way, if there is a problem in a home or an apartment, these professionals can come out and correct the issue. Beyond unit maintenance though, it also includes maintaining the outdoor area to provide the very best curb appeal, remove snow and take care of all trash and debris that might accumulate over time.

Financial Assistance

You need to stay on top of financial information within the residential property. This is another major way the accredited residential Fairfax VA property management companies help out. They provide detailed management documentation for all expenses and will make all necessary payments, including insurance and mortgage payments when needed. They will help with tax deductions based on expenses within the residential property and keep up on all historical records connected with the property (such as invoices, lease information and warranties for appliances within the property). The entire purpose of going with one of the accredited residential Fairfax VA property management companies is so that you don’t need to worry about the property. You accept the investment and the money that comes in while the management company handles all of the day to day tasks.

Now, these are only a handful of the different services offered by accredited residential Fairfax VA property management companies. Make sure to discuss with the particular companies other services they provide and how each can help you realize the highest level of potential while maximizing the return on investment for your properties.