Credit checks. Rent collections. Landscaping. Utilities. Tenant Complaints. If you tired of property management on your own, there is a stress-free way. Professional property management companies are the perfect solution.

A professional property management company will be a licensed and experienced company that buys, sells, lease and manages residential and possibly commercial properties, as well. If you’re looking for professional management companies in LA, they will offer a host of services and this simple investment can help you understand how they can help you with your income property needs.Residential-Property-Management-Pic-1-Cropped

Property Management Services

Property Management Services cover a wide range of property needs for home owners, as well as renters. Services may extend to single family homes, co-ops, condos, apartments and commercial properties that have rental space. Professional property management companies are very successful in finding qualified applicants as well as ensuring the properties are well maintained. Ideally a management company will keep expenses low, bring in the best tenants, maintain the “curb appeal” of the property and help with all the aspects of an income property’s needs. With the highest level of professionalism, owners can confidently trust that their property management company will cover the following:


From running ads for available units to screening applicants and running credit checks, a property management company will seek out qualified residents and assist with all aspects of leasing agreements. Relevant rent data can lure in prospective renters at the right price points, while well-screened applicants can help minimize vacancies.

Successful ads are eye catching and as applicants apply, this can lead to finding the right tenants that will help maintain the property for years to come. With prospective candidates, leases can be reviewed and inspections can be done on the rental property.


A professional property management company will also handle all of the maintenance issues that may come about with a rental property. This can include landscaping companies, contractors, and various types of vendors that will help to ensure the upkeep of the property. The management company will look for good relationships with area businesses to secure reasonable prices for quality work and fast turnarounds. This will help with resident and renter requests whether online, during day hours, at nights or weekends and holidays for any emergencies that arise.


When looking for property management companies in LA, a successful business will help with rent collections, often called rent rolls. This will help to secure timely rent and follow-up with any late payments or late fees that need to be assessed. If any legal action has to be taken, the property management company will then take appropriate matters to secure proper payments and court costs.

Along with rent collections, the property management company will help with all aspects of accounting to maintain meticulous records. The management company will pay all bills, contractors and vendors and may offer a breakdown to owners of how rent collection money has been allocated.


Property management companies are responsible for financial reporting that will give detailed accounting records for tax purposes. Property owners may request specific reports each month, quarterly, and so forth. Financial reports may also be available online or via email depending on the particular property management company’s software and record keeping abilities. This is beneficial to home and property owners that have more than one property and may need several different reports, rent rolls, etc., for filing purposes. With the appropriate income statements and other reports, this can help property owners to see the benefits of having the property management company in place and how successful the property is with income property needs as a way to increase the owner’s return on investment, (ROI).